Version 0.3.1 - OpenVR Support

Version 0.3.1 of Parabolic is here! Namely, 0.3.1 brings OpenVR support to Parabolic, improving compatibility with Vive, Oculus, and WindowsMR headsets. In fact, adding OpenVR support was part of an internal migration to Unity 2017 and the native Unity XR APIs. In the near future, native OSVR support will be re-added. In the meantime, the migration should allow a wider variety of users to play more easily, and it also brings performance improvements thanks to single-pass stereo rendering.

In addition to OpenVR support, this update brings virtual cockpit controls to the game. Now, when playing in VR, instead of using a gamepad you can use your motion controllers to fly your spacecraft. Simply grab the virtual joystick and move it around to move the ship, and pull the trigger to fire. To change weapons, push on the 3-way toggle with your controller's trigger button. Note that for the time being, this control scheme is required to play in VR - you cannot use a gamepad. OSVR users wishing to use a gamepad should stick to an older version of the game for now.

Menus are a bit more finicky now than they used to be due to the Unity XR migration. This will be addressed in the next update, in which gamepad controls will be fixed and motion controller pointer support will be added.

Enjoy the new update, and be sure to leave feedback below or in the message board!

edit 1:23PM: The "position will reset in X seconds" bug has been fixed. Remember, the left "menu" button on your controller will reset your position at any time, even in the main menu.

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Version Mar 10, 2018

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